This is My Story

After 30 years of working with different generations, cultures, and genders and mentoring with Dr. John Maxwell, I authored my new book, Train Your Brain 5 Ways to Master Your Mindset and Achieve Your Life Goals, just released in the 2018. I am hoping to assist others in master their mindset. I have survived several brushes with death, lost my first business through a serious illness, suffered through abuse and divorce. But I knew each setback was a pause to set me up for the next level of success. Each time I came back stronger. Through all my knockdowns and comebacks, I had to learn from mentors to take charge of my emotions and mindset to achieve my current success. My goal is to create and teach my programs that will help others overcome, serve and lead.

Stacey Odgers

  Being a woman of faith and integrity, I love inspiring others to challenge themselves to reach new personal heights. I shattered my own glass ceiling early in my career. Being one of the first fifty people hired by Jack Bogle at the Vanguard Group, at age 19, I became one of the first ambassadors branding the company to the public in 1984.  I never shy away from hard work as I have always known it builds character and strength. Hard work develops good habits and experience no schooling can ever teach. I am so grateful for every experience, the peaks and valleys because that is how we learn and develop. I would consider myself to be a lifetime learner in personal development. It is something I can never get enough of in life.

Learning is Growing and Growing is Living.

  Thirty years ago, I became one of the first Female Financial Advisors in the industry working with some of the largest family-owned businesses in the country. My specialty is in Intergenerational Wealth Planning and Business Succession. There is always a lot of psychology expertise needed in working with various personalities in a business to leave an astounding legacy.

 My goal is to help others to become exceptional. Everyone has the resources within to become the best version of themselves. We just need someone to stretch us.

Success is a learned experience. With my holistic approach to intentional living, I now have shared lessons learned on international stages and in my live and virtual seminars. Currently, I coach individuals, leaders and executives as well as continue to serve businesses in Leadership Development Masterminds, Workshops and Seminars.

In my spare time, I love serving in various Christian ministries and non-profits. Working with abused women and children and our undereducated youth, I know God has put the purpose of sharing my knowledge to improve others lives in my soul. My purpose is to help others use their potential and maximize their joy in life.

Above all, I am blessed with 3 accomplished daughters who inspire me every day. I see they have special gifts to share to become leaders in the next generation.

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